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True Green Essence and Canbiola




True Green Essence, Inc. was borne out of my nearly 40 years as a doctor treating chronic pain syndromes of the foot and ankle. Many years ago, I became enlightened to the fact that treating pain is VERY different than healing a pain syndrome. In the truest sense, suppression of symptoms is NOT health promoting nor does it deal with the causes of chronic pain. The focus of my practice has been to find the underlying mechanisms of the pain syndrome and address those causes. This is how we not only can heal a pain syndrome so the patient does not have to stay on toxic pain-relieving drugs, but we can also leave our patients in a much better state of health.
Through my years of treating and researching chronic pain, I discovered that the main issues that must be addressed are the pathways of homeostasis – detoxification, repair, replacement, and replenishment. When we enable homeostasis to be more efficient, the human body becomes healthier and can release the pathways of compensation that are designed by nature to protect what cannot be repaired (this is called chronic inflammation).
Along comes the discovery that CBD oil, a component of the cannabis species of plants, has far-reaching medicinal value. CBD oil is chemically similar to our body’s own endorphins and neurotransmitters and actually binds to the same receptor sites. These natural molecules open the pathways of homeostasis, facilitating more efficient homeostasis, hence, the body can detoxify, repair, replace and replenish much more efficiently and can release the pathways of protection.
My research brought me to a deep understanding that the quality of the CBD oil is critical in obtaining the kind of results we want to achieve. In my research, I came across a company called Canbiola. Canbiola harvests their CBD from the Hemp plant, a cannabis species that contains almost no THC and therefore supplies the medicinal properties of CBD without the associated “high” from THC. It is legal in ALL 50 states without a prescription. Their products are of the highest potency, are prepared via nanotechnology for the best absorption and utilization by the body and they are a company with extremely high integrity and commitment as they are also a publicly traded company. I have been recommending their products to my patients for the past 2 years with great results.
Since CBD oil has so many conditions that it addresses (such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, GI problems, nausea, and even has been shown to have anti-cancerous properties), I felt certain that I could be a part of helping many more people to improve the quality of their lives by making pure, high potency CBD oil from Canbiola available at discounted rates. With the permission and blessing of Canbiola, True Green Essence, Inc. is an independent, discount distributor of Canbiola products. It is the commitment and joy of True Green Essence, Inc. to offer these amazing products to you at our always discounted prices.

Product Information

Canbiola Hemp Extract Nano-drops – Canbiola’s advanced nano-technology has done wonders for the efficacy and success of their CBD drops. Of course, the best effects come from the most bioavailable molecules. Bioavailability means that the body is able to absorb AND utilize the CBD molecules efficiently. CBD is a naturally large molecule and it is oil based. This means that first of all, it is hard to assimilate because of its size. Second is that because it is an oil-based molecule, it requires the presence of fat for the best absorption. Canbiola has created a product where the molecular size of the absorbable molecules is 30 nanometers, making it easy to absorb under the tongue. Sub-lingual absorption puts it directly into the bloodstream where it can be carried to the endocannabinoid receptors for use in the human body Most importantly, the molecules are not treated with chemical processes to create the 30-nanometer size, but rather with sound waves. The CBD molecules are then mixed with coconut oil (to maximize absorption) and pleasant tasting mint. Canbiola Hemp Extract Nano-drops contain 99.5% pure CBD oil from hemp. You will be hard-pressed to find a better product on the market today.

Canbiola offers different strength CBD nano-drop products. Choosing which one is right for you can sometimes be confusing. Suffice it to say that because CBD oil makes your body more efficient, it also can make certain medications work more strongly in your body. If you are taking a lot of medications, such as analgesics, anti-inflammatories, anti-anxiety medications, etc., starting with a lower dose and working your way up to higher doses makes sense. This way, as your body begins to function better, you can slowly wean off the drugs that you currently take. The only caveat to this statement are patients on chemotherapy. CBD oil is fantastic at easing nausea often associated with chemotherapy and, as well, has been shown to have its own anti-cancerous effects. Patients being treated for cancers would be encouraged to start at higher doses of CBD oil.


Canbiola Muscle and Joint Salves and Cryo-Gel – In addition to the systemic effects of their nano-drops, Canbiola also produces topical forms of CBD oil that are great at relieving areas of pain, inflammation, and spasm. Salves are rubbed on with your hand. There is also a roll-on (cryo-gel) so you do not have to touch the product with your hand. All of these products are the same strength (concentration) but come in different size jars. They are used for temporary pain relief and can be applied numerous times throughout the day. In addition to the CBD oil, they also contain lemongrass, camphor, beeswax, vitamin E, and other natural products to enhance absorption, supply a pleasant fragrance and a good experience.